We facilitate safe and inclusive spaces – in the work place and in the community – for people who face mental health challenges. 


We believe in building partnerships



Re-Tribe offers a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program that establishes a sense of community and connection in workspaces.  We do this by forming small tribes of people who share similar challenges and experiences – creating the opportunity for accountability, acceptance and awareness. 


We co-create spaces of mental wellbeing and emotional safety

Using an integrative counselling approach and the knowledge of lived experience, each of our customised workshops honour the power of community, the wisdom in story-sharing and the importance of reflection and intention setting.
We offer competitive pricing and flexible scheduling that allows for 45 minute sessions with tribes of 3-6 people, avaiable both deliver online or in person.
We explore the following areas.

stress & anxiety

Examining the different ways that stress and anxiety can show up and how we respond.

Cultivating compassion

Exploring practical ways to invite compassion into our day to day lives and interactions.

loneliness & isolation

 Looking at the value of community and challenge the notion that our pain is not meant to be shared.  

resiliency & resource gathering

Discovering the unique ways we learn to champion ourselves and become our greatest alley.

grief & loss

Learning about the many faces of grief and explore how it shows up for us in our day to day life, in our bodies and in our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


Exploring the revolving door of boundaries –  the role they play in developing healthy relationships with others while cultivating new ways of self care and expression.

"Re-Tribe has been a welcome addition to our Elephant and Castle Community Hub in 2020 at a challenging time and their sessions are a valuable support to the community."

– Diana Barranco, Elephant and Castle Town Centre


Meet The minds behind Re-tribe

Re-Tribe was born from the lived experience of struggling with belonging, identity and mental health and the desire to offer support for building connection and community in safe and sustainable ways




Melissa offers her lived experience and well as professional training to create spaces of support and safety for people whose pain expresses itself in different ways. Whether stemming from childhood trauma, sexual assault, substance use, unhealthy relationship dynamics, or lifestyle change, Melissa offers a deep understanding of the non-linear aspects of healing and the complexities of the human experience.

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As a former professional ice hockey player, Nick knows what it’s like to belong to a community of teammates and to have a sense of connection and accountability to others. When he stopped playing sports, things took a turn for Nick. Working in the fast pace world of broadcasting and advertising Nick found himself in a position of using substances to help cope with life challenges. Along with this, Nick struggled with depression, loneliness and anxiety for much of his life.

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We are growing our community

As a Community Interest Company (CIC) 65% of our dividends go back to the local community, so by joining us, you or your company will not only increase productivity & connection, but also help make the world around you a better place. Take a look at our video to find out more about why we are a CIC and what we want to build:

“Nick and Melissa are awesome and they are doing some absolutely brilliant work with Re-Tribe. Helping people find connection, community and support to navigate through life’s challenges and foster effective positive change is incredibly essential now, perhaps more than ever. Keep up the amazing work you two!”

Christy Fils Sr. Sales Leader – Education at Zoom


Key questions about re-tribe

Do you offer any other support services?

Indeed we do.  We offer one on one counselling services from intensive trauma therapy to daily living support, sober coaching, accountability buddies (checking in with each other) and tribe gatherings (aka community outings)

why does re-tribe exist?

Re-Tribe exists so that people can build community and connection in a safe and shame-free way.  For years, we had a front line view of the need to encourage people to be accountable and “show up” for themselves.  In recognising and witnessing the challenges of being accountable to oneself, we wanted to take the pressure off of the individual and create an opportunity for people to attend positive lifestyle services by being accountable to others – to their Tribe. We saw that around 25% of people attend yoga, meditation classes or go to the gym regularly. Another 25% of people are forced to attend clinical services due to mental health and substance use concerns. We wondered about the other 50%; the  people who want to go to the gym but hesitate to begin until they “get in shape”, or folks who are lonely, isolated and nervous about trying new things on their own – whether it be from feelings of inadequacy, social programming or fear of the unknown.

what makes re-tribe work?

Re-Tribe was founded on the belief that community creates change and through our existence and hands on work we have seen this to be true.   We have witnessed increased ease and ability to attend classes, workshops and outings focused on self-transformation when people are accountable to their Tribe instead of solely themselves.

How do i access digital tribes?

For all things Tribe related and to gain exclusive access to our community, please connect with us at:

what makes re-tribe different?

Re-Tribe is unique in its ability to help people find their Tribes based on a common life challenge, rather than a life interest. We have found that when people express vulnerability towards one another a deeper sense of trust and belonging is built, allowing for the chance to make changes from a place of acceptance, support and guidance.

Can I get this on my phone?

You certainly can!! We are using an amazing platform called Mighty Networks to build our digital community - just hit the "Tribes" button and sign up!!

Ready to Make a Change?

By breaking down perceptions and expectations of ourselves and others, we can to change the current social structure from one of competition and comparison to one of altruism and accountability.