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Welcome to Re-Tribe

If you have become disconnected from life since you ended your sports career, come and join a Tribe with people who understand…

Coaches would always tell us to “Just do it” and we did. Then life happened and we got busy with other stuff.
The spirit of competition was lost.

We were good at looking after our bodies, physically – but we did not know how to look after our spirits.
We want to provide you with peer support and solutions for Mental Health Care!

We are here so that we can connect you with others who understand your challenges; so that we can all “do it” again.

Not happy with your life?

Re-Tribe connects you to others
+ Will help you change it

About Re-Tribe

Most of us played sports from an early age; for some it even began a career. However, for most, sport was a healthy activity that promoted the growth of certain attitudes and beliefs that would serve us in everyday life. Plus, it gave us immense physical health benefits.  It gave us a sense of belonging and connection with other people that built accountability to others.

At Re-Tribe we have noted through our own experience that from the time we stopped playing our sport, we became disconnected and isolated and this led to negative coping mechanisms.

We believe that by connecting with a small group of people who have gone through similar experiences we can become reconnected to life and live in a more positive holistic way.

You are an...

Ex sportsman or woman. Possibly an ex-pro.

Since leaving the top of your game...

You have struggled to regain your tribe…

Since leaving the top of your game...

Possibly by turning to drink, drugs and destructive behaviour…


With like minded individuals and build your new tribe.

How Re-Tribe Works

Fill out a profile and we will connect you with people in your area who are suffering from similar personal issues. We then post relevant services and events to help you and your tribe make the positive life changes you desire.

We are empowering a generation of people who are not satisfied with their lives to make positive lifestyle changes.

We help you find and connect with people who are going through similar struggles. We also give you positive strategies to change your life for the better.


We do this by enabling you to form small support groups, or tribes, and attend social events that are aligned to promoting healthy holistic lifestyles.

The Re-Tribe Solution

The human race evolved by living in hunter-gatherer tribes. The majority of human life has been spent living in small groups – and teams that you have played with. But today, the majority of us live in massive and alienating cities and do little to help us stay connected. It’s no wonder so many of us suffer from anxiety, depression and loneliness.

We offer an ancient solution to a modern problem: Re-Tribe. We believe in the power of groups to heal and transform. Our goal is to help you achieve your lifestyle goals by connecting you with people who share similar struggles and giving you easy access to relevant services.

In our past experience, we have found ourselves falling into negative patterns of isolation when dealing with life’s hurdles. We’ve learned that connection to others in a positive minded group with a balanced lifestyle of communication, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and group activities can teach a person self-help through group help.

Many people wanting to take part in group events feel vulnerable and self-conscious. Re-Tribe enables a group of Re-Tribers to attend events together and offer each other support, which will alleviate social anxiety.

It’s all about becoming part of something bigger than yourself again. Re-Tribers have each other’s backs!

What makes Re-Tribe special?

We are focused on empowering people who are dissatisfied with their lives to make the changes they desire.

We want to give these people a solution by helping them connect to others who are struggling with similar issues, helping them build community.

We enable people to attend events that help them lead a holistic and well balanced lifestyle, and connect them to services that are relevant to their problems.

Tribe members are there to provide support, accountability, and compassion.

Our solution combines a program of life change, peer support and social networking, all in one.


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