Embark on a Team Journey Beyond the Ice with Re-Tribe

🌟 Elevate Your Corporate Ecosystem 🌟

We come to you, virtually or in person, and have a one-off session with 5 to 100 staff members on common but unspoken subjects.

Hello Ice Hockey Family,

Ever felt like the camaraderie and adrenaline rush of the game could be channelled into something equally fulfilling off the ice? Whether you’re lighting the lamp in front of thousands or coaching the next generation of ice warriors, Re-Tribe is your community, created by ice hockey players and coaches, for ice hockey players and coaches. Our mission? To support one another through every shift, both on and off the ice.

Introducing Your Support Squad

Leading our lineup is Dr. Misia Gervis, a beacon in the field of sports psychology. Together with a handpicked team of experts, Dr. Gervis is set to offer structured support designed for the ice hockey community’s unique needs. We’re tackling everything from the physical toll of the game to the mental challenges of hanging up your skates or blowing the whistle one last time.

Why Join Re-Tribe?

Our community understands the highs and lows of the ice hockey world like no other. We’ve experienced the thrill of a game-winning goal and the solitude that can follow retirement or a step back from active play. We’re here to bridge that gap, providing a space where active players, retired legends, and coaches can connect, share experiences, and support each other through transitions, injuries, and beyond.

Our Vision

To create an unparalleled support network that enhances peer-to-peer connections and leverages our collective expertise. Whether you’re facing the end of a playing career, navigating coaching challenges, or dealing with the rigours of recovery, Re-Tribe stands ready to support you through it all.

Join the Movement

This is your invitation to be part of something bigger than the game. It’s about extending the essence of teamwork into every aspect of our lives, celebrating new beginnings, and building a legacy that transcends the ice.

Together, we can transform our love for the game into a lifelong journey of growth, resilience, and shared success.

A Safe Space Just for You

Re-Tribe is an exclusive community dedicated to providing a safe, supportive environment for our members. To maintain this sanctuary, we invite you to begin the application process. It’s the first step toward joining a network where your experiences, challenges, and triumphs are understood and valued.

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