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Nick Rothwell

Re-Tribe founding parter, Nick has presented numerous TV shows and broadcasts.

He is available for public speaking and events.

“I have presented live TV with huge audiences and spoken in many environments, from the corporate world to my recovery community – board rooms to prisons. I love to start conversations. I am not really an expert in anything except my own experience.

As a former professional ice hockey player, I know what it’s like to belong to a community of teammates and to have a sense of connection and accountability to others.

Through my journey, I realised the importance of connection and community. That showing up for others and having people show up for you is a fundamental in creating change. 

I am passionate about helping people to challenge old ideas of masculinity  in order to become more compassionate to ourselves and others.

I offer a comfortable, honest and relaxed environment for people to engage in safe conversations without judgement. I believe that creating a game plan of action allows positive change to take place in any aspect of someone’s life.”

Nick Rothwell 

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""Nick is an exceptional speaker! His mission to change toxic and limiting cultures that impact on men is one to be applauded and embraced. He speaks from the heart and never dodges the difficult or uncomfortable. Worth a listen every time!"

– Dr Misia Gervis. Sports Psychologist & Post-Graduate Course Director, Brunel University

Ready to Make a Change?

By breaking down perceptions and expectations of ourselves and others, we can to change the current social structure from one of competition and comparison to one of altruism and accountability.