Re-Tribe specializes in cultivating a sense of community and connection in the workplace.

Pressures of work can manifest in different ways such as substance use, increased anxiety, lack of sleep and isolation and will often trickle into one’s personal life impacting stability and mental wellness in all areas of life.

There is an awareness within companies around the importance of providing mental health resources and offering supports for staff, however our research shows that uptake can be as low as 1% to such services.

Re-Tribe’s solution to this is in offering a hub of accountability and a platform for change that will increase participation and activity in services that are offered to staff as well as increase morale in the workplace.  We create a space for people to discover a different knowing of their co-workers.

This is not necessarily about forming friendships but more about uncovering the commonalities of workplace struggles and stressors.  By identifying similar struggles both in and out of the workplace, people can form stronger bonds towards each other thus gaining a level of understanding, trust and compassion.

We do this by facilitating and encouraging a safe and supportive environment that allows for:



Personal experience of Re-Tribe founder, honest and safe exchange with staff



“What areas of my life could benefit from an opportunity for change?”


Program of Change

Comprised of six pillars to help guide us along the way as we create a holistic and harmonious approach to change

By breaking down perceptions and expectations of ourselves and others, we strive to change the workplace culture of competition to one of altruism. Join us!

Joining the Retribe social network changed my life significantly! Retribe enables me to attend fun activities with others that I wouldn’t normally attend by myself. I always look forward to getting out to Re-Tribe events, seeing fellow Re-Tribers, and making new friends! My social calendar is packed now.. which helps me to enjoy my own down time and feel over all happier in my life!
Re-Tribe keeps me informed about upcoming events and shares inspirational thoughts and articles. I look forward to seeing Re-Tribe posts during my day when I check my phone-it keeps me going!
My only problem with this awesome network is the increase in activities..I can’t get to all the events now that are advertised!! This is a great problem to have!
I’m so grateful to Re-Tribe for having such a positive impact on my life!

Regina Gluchowski

I am sincerely grateful to be a part of the Re-Tribes family.
Having lived most of my life in my own world (my mind), the most comfortable and safe I feel opening up is in the rooms. Getting together socially, however, is still an uphill climb for me.
Re-Tribes invites scared me and I didn’t think I belonged. What if I didn’t meet up to their expectations, what if I looked like a loser, what if “this” and what if “that”? I prayed for help with my fear and showed up one Friday evening at Azienda Cafe for the board games night.
What a blessing to have met awesomely beautiful people with he most gorgeous hearts. I have not missed a Friday night since! Bless you all for putting these events together and I look forward to winning more battles with my fear and joining you again!

Rahim Jivraj

I’m an individual who suffered social anxiety issues through my life, therefore found it hard sometimes to interact with people, I seek outside help to overcome these issues and it has helped, but since I joined Re-tribes it has been much easier.
Since I joined activities with like mind individuals whom I have learn to love. Without feeling judge, not being born in Canada let me go through life with self-imposed limitations, sometimes the language barrier, Re-tribes has being supporting me and motivating me to feel good about being part of them.
I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a motivating movement and don’t matter what the situation is my tribe will always have my back.I Cant wait to meet you all someday, to share experiences and good vibes, and how we can grow and awaken to a limitless life full of adventures and support.Feel free to contact me to discuss further!

Jose Hernandez

As an an adult who has experienced adversity and is consumed with work, making friends has proven to be extremely difficult. After spending so many years being completely shut out to meeting new people, I forgot how important it was to socialize with others outside of work. I was living with the false belief that wanting to be alone in my spare time was a conscious decision. In all honesty, I was isolating because I was afraid to make a connection with someone else. The fear of meeting new people I held as a child has followed me around all my life and has kept me from building strong, positive, healthy relationships. Not being part of any recreational groups or partaking in any hobbies, I didn't know how to go about developing friendships. I tried using other meet-up forums to start conversations with people but it always felt like I was trying to win them over to like me-sort of how it is on dating sites. Re-Tribe was different, it took the work out of connecting with others because I knew people came from a similar place as I did and wanted the same thing: to experience life's moments in good company. From the get-go, I felt a warm and welcoming vibe as I navigated through the sites services and sought interests to explore. Meeting up with complete strangers has always seemed like a daunting experience but it's something I do on a regular now. Thank you Re-Tribe for facilitating the engagement I continuously have with others, without you life wouldn't be life at all.

Oscar Campos

Joining the Online Community

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