Re-Tribe specializes in cultivating a sense of community and connection in the workplace.

Pressures of work can manifest in different ways such as substance use, increased anxiety, lack of sleep and isolation and will often  impact stability and mental wellness in all areas of life.

There is an awareness within companies around the importance of providing mental health resources and offering supports for staff, however our research shows that uptake can be as low as 1% to such services.

Re-Tribe’s solution to this is in offering a hub of accountability and a platform for change that will increase participation and activity in services that are offered to staff as well as increase morale in the workplace.  We create a space for people to discover a different understanding of their co-workers.

This is not necessarily about forming friendships but more about uncovering the commonalities of workplace struggles and stressors.  By identifying similar struggles both in and out of the workplace, people can form stronger bonds towards each other thus gaining a level of understanding, trust and compassion.

We do this by facilitating and encouraging a safe and supportive environment that allows for:



Personal experience of Re-Tribe founder, honest and safe exchange with staff



“What areas of my life could benefit from an opportunity for change?”


Program of Change

Comprised of six pillars to help guide us along the way as we create a holistic and harmonious approach to change

By breaking down perceptions and expectations of ourselves and others, we strive to change the workplace culture of competition to one of altruism. Join us!

We are Tribal. Join our Tribe