Customised workshops designed to co-create spaces of mental wellbeing and emotional safety.

Using an integrative counselling approach and the knowledge of lived experience, each workshop honours the power of community, the wisdom in story-sharing and the importance of reflection and intention setting.




Story sharing






Skill building and development

Workshops currently offered include:

Stress and Anxiety: Cultivating Compassion Through Chaos

Many of us have a general sense of Stress and Anxiety.  Our understanding is often informed by commonly held narratives around the impacts of being ‘stressed’ or ‘anxious’.  Whatever our understanding may be, we can often be disconnected from identifying what being in a stressed or anxious state can look and feel like for us.  

In this workshop we will explore the different ways that stress and anxiety can show up.  With the belief that we are all experts of our own experience, we will use gentle conversation to reflect on how we respond to stress and anxiety and share simple and practical tools to help us navigate feelings and physical reactions that present themselves. 

We will engage in exercises that will support us to connect and learn how to re-connect with ourselves. We will create space to understand how, where and why we embody stress and anxiety the way we do and begin to cultivate compassion for ourselves when they show up.


Life in Motion: Weathering the Storm of Change

Life changes, whether welcomed or not, bring many varying realities, expectations and discoveries.  In new territories of ‘knowing’, we can be forced to seek unfamiliar ways to recalibrate and re-align.  Often times we can find ourselves facing new fears, deep seeded doubts and difficult demands around who and how we need to be.

This workshop will look at the wild world of beginnings and endings, the fluidity and flexibility that life requires from us and the emotional impact change has on us and those in our life. The spectrum of topics include but are not limited to: career changes, divorce/breakups, home re-location, empty nest syndrome, births and deaths, and chronic illness.

We will explore the ways change can leave us feeling unsettled, unrooted and nervous. Through this exploration we will begin to build a foundation that enables us to safely process and practice different approaches that can help anchor us as we learn to plant roots, adjust and find balance through  the ‘newness’ of change.


Identity: The Story of “I” in a Culture of Comparison

The question of “Who Am I?” is one that we all have some experience reflecting on, negotiating and trying to make sense of at some point in our lives.  The ways in which we try to answer, challenge or accept the notion of “I” is multi-faceted and intricately woven into our day to day life.

This workshop will look at identity as a continually unfolding and evolving process.  By examining the many different circumstances that can shape our identities, we will explore the expectations around defining who we are and arriving at a concrete answer. Through conversation and guided exercises we will reflect on the impacts of social media and the perpetuation of a culture of comparison while exploring the significance of authenticity and sincerity in our lives.


Loneliness: Expanding Our Circle of Care

Life circumstances and relationships often shape how we operate in the world.  In order to navigate feelings of loneliness, isolation and not-belonging, we learn behaviours that can alter our capacity to communicate and engage in activities that can bring us comfort and care. 

This workshop serves to remind us that we are all in this together.  Recognizing western society’s notion of the importance of the individual, we will explore the value of community and challenge the notion that our pain is not meant to be shared.  We will experience the transformative power of witnessing, the courage it takes to be witnessed and the beauty and freedom in acceptance.


Grief: Our Unwelcomed Companion

Grief and grieving is a non-linear and shape shifting process that happens in many different forms and rarely in a neat and tidy package.  Our relationship with grief is a life-long one, varying only by our relationship to what or who it was we lost, the supports we have around us and the vulnerability we allow ourselves.  The confusing, earth shattering and heart-breaking experience of grief can open us up to fears we never thought we would have to face: does the pain ever go away? how do I remember? what if I forget?

This workshop will look at and support us through the many faces of grief and explore how it shows up for us in our day to day life, in our bodies and in our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.   Many attempts have been made to try to map out and make sense of the path of grief. Although we will explore dominant theories of grief, our work together will ask us to learn about ourselves in our grief, in our need to heal and honour our loss and in having grief move through us that can offer breathe and space for our lives with grief as our unwelcomed companion.


Cycles of Dependency: From Shopping to Substance Use and Everything In Between

We all have the universal experience of, at some point or another, reaching outside of ourselves to soothe something inside.  Our ways of finding relief can happen habitually or simply be a one time occurrence. From personal relationships to illegal and legal substance use, sex, shopping and food, our way to process pain, disappointment and/or fear can take on many different forms and impact us in many different ways.

While exploring our human need to self soothe and find answers, this workshop will examine both the internal and external stigma around the choices we make.  We will consider the ways some “coping mechanisms” are deemed acceptable and where shame and judgement are present.  Through facilitated discussion and guided exercises we will reflect on ways to reduce any impact of harm in our lives.

Ready to Make a Change?

By breaking down perceptions and expectations of ourselves and others, we can to change the current social structure from one of competition and comparison to one of altruism and accountability.