Meet our Team

Melissa Pisante – Partner

As partner of Re-Tribe, Melissa offers her lived experience and well as professional training to create spaces of support and safety for people whose pain expresses itself in different ways. Whether stemming from childhood trauma, sexual assault, substance use, unhealthy relationship dynamics, or lifestyle change, Melissa offers a deep understanding of the non-linear aspects of healing and the complexities of the human experience.

Melissa is co-founder of Toronto based charity, Through Ruff Times, as well as a counsellor, Reiki practitioner and world traveller. She brings a fierce, intuitive and sometimes strange (or charming) approach to her movement through this world and she is rarely seen without her dog at her side.

Melissa works and lives from a heart-centred place using honesty, humour and whole lot of breath. She is dedicated to being in service of all beings, learning and unlearning and walking with gratitude and curiosity.

Nick Rothwell – PARTNER

Re-Tribe has been a passion project for Nick for several years. As a former professional ice hockey player, Nick knows what it’s like to belong to a community of teammates and to have a sense of connection and accountability to others.

When he stopped playing sports, things took a turn for Nick. Working in the fast pace world of broadcasting and advertising Nick found himself in a position of using substances to help cope with life challenges. Along with this, Nick struggled with depression, loneliness and anxiety for much of his life.

Through his journey of recovery, he realised the importance of connection and community. That showing up for others and having people show up for you is a fundamental in creating change. As a result of becoming part of a 12 step program, Nick has been free from the constraints of alcohol use since May 2016.

Nick offers a comfortable, honest and relaxed environment for people to engage in safe conversations without judgement. Nick believes that creating a game plan of action allows positive change to take place in any aspect of someone’s life.