Re-Tribe empowers people to bring about positive change in their life and in their community through authentic connection.

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Success Stories

"It’s hard to put into words how incredibly important both the group and 1:1 sessions have been for my mental and emotional wellbeing over the last 9 months.  The community that has been built in the “This Human Thing” sessions is amazing.  Particularly during the pandemic, the lack of physical community has been challenging and these sessions have greatly helped to fill this gap in my life and provide the balance and outlet I need during busy work weeks.  I truly believe that a big part of what makes a company successful are the sense of community and belonging that their employees feel, and these sessions provide this to all who attend."  

- Senior Manager at Zoom Communications

“Re-tribe are the game changers who have helped cultivate a culture for a more conscious workplace with my team. as a leader navigating the choppy waters of a global pandemic where we are all dealing with mental health, changes in the workload and in how we interact has its challenges… These sessions have enabled and empowered a healthier environment for open and honest conversations which have given us greater self awareness but also tools and advice on how we can overcome the day to day challenges with more ease and grace.”

- Online AE Manager at Zoom Video Communications



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