Why does Re-Tribe exist?

Re-Tribe is the result of three convictions:

We evolved to live in hunter-gatherer tribes. The majority of human life has been spent living in small groups. But today, the majority of us live in massive and alienating cities. It’s no wonder so many of us suffer from anxiety, depression and loneliness.


We offer an ancient solution to a modern problem: Re-Tribe. We believe in the power of groups to heal and transform. Our goal is to help you achieve your lifestyle goals by connecting you with people who share similar struggles, and giving you easy access to relevant services.


We at Re-Tribe believe in the wisdom and power of people. We believe that what most often hinders self-transformation is a lack of access to the appropriate resources as well as a supportive community. Re-Tribe aims to overcome these obstacles by connecting service providers (who have the experience and knowledge to help others change their lives for the better) with those who need them.

Never before has there existed a central hub where individuals can seek help for their lifestyle problems. Re-Tribe seeks to fix this.

How do I join?

You can subscribe to our emails and just come to you events.  You can also join us on our FaceBook page and our Meet Up group.





Is it safe?

It is very safe.  However like any social group out there we urge people to be cautious.

Can I contribute?

You upload your amazing content to us via our site.  It is always reviewed and then posted in our “Inspiration Feed”

What makes this different to Meet Up?

Re-Tribe differs from Meet Up in many ways.  Meet Up organises event and lets users find and book events.  We do that too but we help people create small support groups that will attend events together.  This helps with social anxiety.  We also create our own events designed for our users.

Am I always with the same group?

Re-Tribe enables you to form little groups for specific events.  You can keep the same group or change groups as you see fit.

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