Steps to Self Nourishment

With any desire for change, a significant piece lies in the willingness to actively participate and fully embrace the possibilities and opportunities for growth --however terrifying and uncomfortable it may be.

Re-Tribe specialises in cultivating a sense of community and connection.  We do this by facilitating a safe, supportive and inclusive environment that allows for:



Personal experience of Re-Tribe founders, honest and safe exchange with members



“What areas of my life could benefit from an opportunity for connection – with myself and others?”



Comprised of five pillars to help guide us along the way as we create a holistic and harmonious approach to community building and self love

our Five pillars for change


Un-learning requires the acknowledgement that throughout our lives we develop different coping strategies and behaviours that form our perception of ourselves and the world around us.  By questioning how and where we learned certain ideas, beliefs and values, we can gain insight into our lives while starting to develop a new understanding of ourselves.


Cultivating Compassion

The process of self-discovery and transformation must involve our ability to connect with the parts of ourselves that are in need of kindness, understanding and forgiveness.  Cultivating compassion in our lives creates the opportunity for learning the art of giving and receiving in all areas of our life. This may not be something that comes easily or naturally, but it is an essential tool in engaging with ourselves and others in order to create change. 


Building Boundaries 

Learning to build boundaries is a significant tool in navigating life in healthy and sustainable ways.  Boundaries are a significant and powerful resource in showing compassion and care for ourselves – whether at work, with hobbies and leisure activities or in relationships.  Boundaries will shift and reshape as we grow and learn, continually creating opportunity for deeper insight into what works for us and what is in need of a change. 

Awakening Authenticity

Living authentically asks us to think about how our life would play out if societal pressure and expectation didn’t influence our choices and/or how we would maneuver day to day if fear was not an option.  By awakening to authentic acts and action in our day to day living, we create space to consider what may need to be added or adjusted. Doing so allows us to fully embrace opportunities that invite us to live in a way that offers a sense of pleasure, appreciation and peace. 

Call to Action 

One’s involvement and interaction with others is essential in sustaining a path of transformation and growth. By stepping outside of ourselves and being of service to others we begin to cultivate a sense of belonging and purpose. Actively showing up for others is how our process and practices of change come to life and reveal solid and sincere shifts in our daily living.

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