we co-create spaces of wellbeing and safety

Re-Tribe specialises in facilitating supportive and inclusive work and community spaces centred around reflection, awareness and compassion.


Our Programs are designed to ignite, inspire and integrate change 

We guide participants through our unique programmes and Tribe Formation experience by opening up opportunities for personal growth and spiritual* expression (*whatever that means for you).

Our programmes and Tribe Formations are centred on the principles of vulnerability and service. Through our multifaceted platform and holistic, human-centred approaches, we invite in the chance to:




Honest and safe exchanges that nurture trust and communication in relationships



Paying attention to what is present and the many ways we can engage and respond



Creating holistic and harmonious approaches to self, others and our world



Our success is our rooted in uniquely designed formats of carefully crafted wellbeing sessions, themed workshops, one-to-one support and tribe formations.

This multi-faceted approach builds a holistic support system that has been proven to produce consistent and sustainable results both personally and professionally.


Using various modalities and philosophies, we look at how teams can deepen and strengthen their connection and communication.

We explore interpersonal dynamics at play, how it impacts one’s ability to perform as an individual and as a team member, and look at how different styles, needs and abilities are received, processed and executed.

Teams will form a collective and conscious support network that promotes higher productivity, innovation and growth.


We focus on and unpack how leaders lead.

We explore the different behaviours, styles and skills that affect our leadership practices.

By embracing our unique leadership gifts, we discover how to inspire and nurture those we lead with courage, vulnerability and authenticity.

Effective leadership creates a fluid and sustainable eco-system.


1-1 Support provides a space to explore and deepen one’s individual practice(s) and self-expression.

Each session is tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual, allowing for space to debrief, process and reflect on how specific experiences can impact the ability to show up and engage in both personal and professional settings. 

Each session incorporates a variety of tools and methodologies on how to become “The Expert of Your Own Experience”.


This programme is designed to discover the over-looked and under-valued areas within an organisation and uncover ways to create sustainable and efficient frameworks for business operations and cultural practices.

Bringing more conscious action and practices into the workplace aligns the strategy, the people and its culture.

Streamlining the different verticals at play creates an efficient operational ecosystem by synchronising energy, attention and awareness on micro and macro levels in a people-first approach.


Success Stories

"It’s hard to put into words how incredibly important both the group and 1:1 sessions have been for my mental and emotional wellbeing over the last 9 months.  The community that has been built in the “This Human Thing” sessions is amazing.  Particularly during the pandemic, the lack of physical community has been challenging and these sessions have greatly helped to fill this gap in my life and provide the balance and outlet I need during busy work weeks.  I truly believe that a big part of what makes a company successful are the sense of community and belonging that their employees feel, and these sessions provide this to all who attend."  

- Senior Manager at Zoom Communications

“Re-tribe are the game changers who have helped cultivate a culture for a more conscious workplace with my team. as a leader navigating the choppy waters of a global pandemic where we are all dealing with mental health, changes in the workload and in how we interact has its challenges… These sessions have enabled and empowered a healthier environment for open and honest conversations which have given us greater self awareness but also tools and advice on how we can overcome the day to day challenges with more ease and grace.”

- Online AE Manager at Zoom Video Communications



Say the sessions provide a safe, inclusive space for them



Experience an increase in focus and productivity at work



See changes that improve their work-life

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All our programmes are design around your business, leadership and people. Find out how we can support your team and business in the next part of your journey.