Program of Change

Create your PLAN OF ACTION which fits with our basic program of change

We live in a world that can seem to look harsh. It is so easy to fall prey to frustration, misery and depression. This can lead to isolation and other bad habits. This is cyclical negativity.

Re-Tribe is about helping you to develop good habits. We do this by matching you with others who are working on the very same problems as you. Your tribes are there to keep you accountable and on task—in a loving and supportive spirit.

All you have to do is sign up and we will help you find other Tribers in your area. Once you sign up you will have access to all Re-Tribe events; Boot camps, Yoga classes, guided meditation, cooking classes, bowling, movie nights, spin classes, boxing and more!!

As a group you will be able to meet up as much as you want and discuss the best ways to begin living the Re-Tribe solution. You even get to name your own tribes! The power of recovery comes from connection to others.

Here is our program of change:



  • Admitting that it’s time to make a change
  • Realizing you need a plan of action

We live in a culture that prizes positivity. We highlight the good and hide the bad. We create social media profiles that give off the impression that everything in our lives is fantastic, that we never struggle with anything. What this means is that we keep our troubles to ourselves, and even convince ourselves that everything is fine—even when it isn’t.

We at Re-Tribe believe that life change can only begin when we admit that something is wrong. This is why ACCEPTANCE is the first pillar of our program. No one can force us to make changes unless we first admit that change is necessary.

This means we have to be honest with ourselves about who we are and what we want. If we’re lonely, if we want to lose some weight, if we want to be more sociable, if we suffer with social anxiety—whatever it is—we need to accept the truth about ourselves wholeheartedly. Once we do this, real change becomes possible.



  • Admitting that you can’t do it alone
  • Reaching out to others for help

Accepting things need to change is a huge step forward, but it isn’t enough to bring about change. Everyone needs a plan of action if they are going to bring about real lasting change.
We live in an individualistic age. We tend to think of self-reliance as a virtue. Nobody wants to be seen as weak or in need of others. We work hard to become as self-sufficient and independent as possible because this is what it means to be a mature adult.
We at Re-Tribe believe in the importance of self-reliance, but we also think it can be taken too far. In our view, in order to bring about lasting change in whatever area of our lives, we need to seek the help of others. This is why our second pillar is REACHING OUT.
However we don’t just reach out to anyone. We at Re-Tribe recognize that there is nothing like finding another person who has experienced the same adversity or challenges as us. For us, real connection comes

from sharing our struggles, not our achievements.The bonds that grow out of sharing with others who have gone through the same things as us are the strongest we know of. This is why our mission is to connect you with others who have had similar experiences and share similar goals.



  • Connect with others who share similar experiences and life goals

We at Re-Tribe believe the reason most Self-Help programs provide few lasting solutions is because they have got something fundamentally wrong—they identify the source of help in the Self. The mistake they make is thinking that the self can solve everything on its own, if only it works hard enough.

We believe this misunderstands human nature. We are social animals. We evolved in tribes and flourished in small groups for most of human history. The idea that we can live happily without any help from others is modern fiction that has done more harm than good.

We believe there is something magical that happens when we form small support groups (what we call Tribes) with others who share similar goals. This is why our third pillar is the POWER OF THE GROUP. We believe the whole is larger than the sum of its parts—that we can do things as a group that we could never have accomplished on our own.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not suggesting that we need to lose our individuality. Just the opposite. We believe that we become our best selves when in a tribe. This is because our personal issues are better dealt with when approached with the support of a group.

This is because groups provide emotional support through rough times, deter us from isolating, and—most importantly—provide accountability in a loving and compassionate way. At Re-Tribe we encourage our Tribers to help one another to reach their goals and to offer companionship with one another along the journey!


SElf care

  • Improves emotional and physical well-being

Studies have shown that regular exercise and a healthy diet can do wonders for the human spirit. Any plan of action has to take into account our biology. This is why we at Re-Tribe suggest NUTRITION AND EXERCISE as the fourth pillar of our program of change.

There exists an intimate connection between the mind and the body. If the body is treated

with care the mind will feel better. However if don’t look after our bodies, our minds will deteriorate as well. This is scientifically ratified.
At Re-Tribe mental health and physical health are two sides of the same coin. This means that we encourage our Tribers to consider both when undergoing their plans of action.



  • Improve spiritual well-being
  • Improves emotional intelligence
  • Improves self-awareness

Most of us today live busy lives. We have too much to do and not enough time to do it. As a result, our minds can sometimes feel like they are being overloaded with information, unable to process everything being thrown their way. This is why the fifth pillar for us is MINDFULNESS.

Mindfulness is an ancient spiritual practice with its roots in Buddhism. However it has become fully secularized as Western scientists have begun to discover its incredible health benefits.Essentially, mindfulness is a form of meditation that entails learning to pay conscious attention.

Even five to ten minutes of practice a day has proven to increase ability to concentrate and feelings of well-being. We at Re-Tribe are astounded by the powers of mindfulness to cultivate calm and a feeling of being centred in us, and so happily endorse it in our program of change.



  • Lasting change comes from continual practice
  • Feelings of companionship
  • Service brings purpose

Changing our lives is tough, but making those changes last is even harder. At Re-Tribe we think this is the most significant pitfall of self-help approaches—they offer no way of ensuring that the changes last. We believe that the best way to ensure lasting change is to continually pass it on. What this means is that we encourage our Tribes to seek others who they can help. Hence why our sixth and final pillar is HELPING OTHERS.

Now that we’ve come through the other side, having completed whatever goals we set out for ourselves, we have the ability and experience to help others do the same. At the same time, when we share our story with others, this helps us solidify the positive changes we’ve made in our own lives. This is why we encourage our Tribers to share their stories of success online and at our events.

It is always tempting to leave once we’ve got what we wanted. But at Re-Tribe we believe that this attitude ignores the role the group played in our success. If we desert the group, we might jeopardize what we’ve achieved. For this reason we encourage our Tribers to stay active in their groups, and to continue helping others when they can.

Ultimately, the importance of helping others can be summed up in this simple dictum: it gets us out of our Selves and gives us a larger purpose. We at Re-Tribe have learned that many of our problems come from an overly narrow perspective. Our problems have always gotten bigger the more we focus on them. This is why helping others is so important—it helps us get our minds off of our own issues and onto others. What is so amazing about this is that it actually makes us happier! In other words, helping others is, in our view, a recipe for a happy and meaningful life.


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