Connect with Re-Tribe Members

Joining the Online Community – How It Works

1. Register in order to create an account and build a profile

Why would I want to do this?

Once you have an account with us you can immediately begin connecting with other Re-Tribers. Building a profile is your first step towards becoming a part of the Re-Tribe family.

3. Create a Tribe (group)

A tribe?

Re-Tribe is all about finding connection with others. Once you build a profile you now have access to a world of other Re-Tribers just waiting to meet you. Take advantage of this opportunity! Create a tribe comprised of 3-6 people you feel comfortable with, and start attending events near you.

5. Upload inspirational stories and videos

What is the point of this?

Sharing your experiences can actually help others achieve their goals. Post what’s on what you’re working on, what’s challenging you, what you feel good about. Post an article you found helpful, a video that inspired you, a story that makes your spirit soar. Start making Re-Tribe your own personal inspiration hub, which others will enjoy and benefit from.

2. Start reaching out to others!

What do you mean by this?

Feel free to message others you are interested in. Ask them why they’ve joined the site and what goals they’re working on. Start seeking community. That’s what Re-Tribe is all about.

4. Create an Event

An event?

No events that interest you and your tribe? Create your own! If you want to limit it to just your tribe, make it private; if you want more Tribers to join, make it public—it’s up to you.

6. No excuses - Join in

Re-Tribe is free, beneficial and without obligation

Give it a try today!