At the heart Re-Tribe lies our desire to build community.  

Most of us live amongst the hustle and bustle of city life, our surroundings constantly in motion; skylines being filled with high rises, crowded sidewalks and transit, traffic jams and entertainment options on overload.

As our cities continue to grow, our sense of self and community can get lost along the way. We can get stuck in the illusion of connection – stirring up thoughts and feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness and disconnection. 

Re-Tribe is dedicated to creating a change in cultural conversations around mental health and well-being.  As we continue to grow and build connection in workspaces we are hoping to expand the movement outside of the office and build a community centre for people to frequent when they are in need of community, connection and care.

In order to foster this growth Re-Tribe has created a digital platform to enable and enhance our community interaction.  Our platform serves as a stepping stone for face to face exchanges in that we begin to build a basis of understanding, acceptance and accountability.  

Our digital community encourages people to participate in services offered that otherwise would feel overwhelming, intimidating and just plain scary. 


Re-Tribe is a registered Community Interest Company.  What this means is that 65 percent of our dividends must go into community growth and development – something that is essential for us to align ourselves with as we expand and continue to contribute to community building and collaboration.


Work With Us 

If you are interested in arranging workshops for your associates, we offer a variety of different topics that look at conversation, reflection and skill building.



  1. Buy a workshop series for community members and organisations that are financially limited
  2. Sponsor a Re-Tribe event (i.e yoga classes, meditation, coffee chats, movie outings)
  3. Make a financial donation that will go toward hiring spaces and improving our digital community platform.