In partnership with What’s on at Elephant & Castle, Re-Tribe interviews changemakers and inspirational leaders in a series of weekly talks. As innovators in their field and working foremost from a people-first approach in all things, they are using their life experience, community and passions to build and create great businesses and groups within communities.

We delve into their life journey so far, how this has influenced their careers and what they are doing in the world now.

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Re-Tribe Talks

Re-Tribe Talks with Adam Franks
Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Re-Tribe Talks

Nick from Re-Tribe will be talking with Adam Franks CEO and Founder at Legacy performance sportswear a clothing brand based in Surrey and ex-professional ice hockey player.

“As an athlete I was never the best in the squad but I learnt if I put in the extras hours after training and took my chances when they were given to me good things would happen.
This gave me a good grounding for starting a business as sport taught me so much teamwork, leadership and how to deal with highs and lows.” – Adam Franks.

In this talk, Adam delves into the transferable skills between sports and business, how he is making moves to create a sustainable business through resources and zero waste, and much more.

You can watch the full talk here.


Re-Tribe Talks with Simon Conti
Tuesday 15th June 2021
Simon Conti a conceptual creative who has tackled some incredible briefs from exceptional clients, with some amazing agencies in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia.
He Thrives on creativity, learning, adapting and exploiting emerging technologies. He makes it a point to understand what’s required, approaching each problem head-on, to develop campaigns that work holistically.
His latest project “Cracked Not Broken” is a mental health awareness campaign.
You can watch the full talk here.
Re-Tribe Talks with Michelle Reid
Tuesday 8th June 2021
Originally from the west coast of Canada, singer and songwriter Michelle Reid blends dark soul-baring honesty in her lyrics with glitchy electronic production and catchy pop melodies. She also advocates for mental health awareness, specifically in terms of eating disorder and alcohol recovery.
She releases original music under her solo artist project, “Sorcia” available here on Spotify. You can also find Michelle on instagram
Michelle speaks about her journey in this truthful reflection of her life experiences.
You can watch the full talk here.  If you feel triggered by any of the topics discussed and would like to know where to find support, please feel free to contact us here.

Re-Tribe Talks with Graham Dodridge
Tuesday 1st June 2021

Graham’s award-winning campaigns and programmes have impacted the fortunes of companies such as Apple, Telefonica and Dell. Graham has very recently launched a plant protein brand called, and has also designed the world’s first eco-educational board game; called

A keen supporter of charities, Graham founded the educational photographic charity for young people in challenging environments and much more!

Graham talks to us about how he has seen working cultures change over his many years in business, how he’s built successful businesses and teams by bringing in the right people, bring people-focus into organisations with awareness around mental health wellness, and how listening to his customers has contributed to growth.

In this insightful chat covering his variety of experience, he gives us his advice for business, how to show up for the micro and macro to get your essential work done and his approach to great work ethic.

You can watch the full talk here.


Re-Tribe Talks with Paul F Monaghan
Tuesday 25th May 2021

Paul has had a distinguished career in theatre and television, working for over 30 years in the industry. He talks to us about his career in the West End, what it’s like to live his passion through work and how COVID-19 has impacted the performing arts industry.

We explore his current role in the West End Theatre production of Marry Poppins and also talk about what it’s like to be teaching BTEC in college for performing arts.  Paul gives us his insight on how to keep mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy as an actor and advice for anyone wishing to pursue a career in theatre.

As a regular participant in Re-Tribes weekly workshops for the Elephant & Castle Community, he gives us his feedback on his experience of these sessions over the past year.

You can watch our full talk with Paul here.


Re-Tribe Talks with Charlie Brougham
Tuesday 18th May 2021

Charlie is an experienced sports broadcaster. His work has seen him travel all over the world calling sporting events from The Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games to World Cups and Championships in sports such as hockey and netball.

He also has his own property portfolio and property management company which works on supporting landlords and property investors.

Charlie shares his experience about working during COVID lockdown, how the pandemic has impacted the sports world, his class A work ethic and his take on the London property market right now.

You can watch the full talk here.
You can find out more about Charlie over on his website.


Re-Tribe Talks with Angela Green
Tuesday 11th May 2021

This week, Nick and Michelle talked with special guest Angela Green, Director of the Ascension Eagles (AEC).

AEC is a charity dedicated to transforming the lives of young people using the sport of cheerleading. Through teaching transferable skills AEC broadens horizons, improves self-confidence and provides young people with memories that last a lifetime. They are recognised as one of the UK’s most successful youth programs, as well as one of Britain’s best all-round cheer programmes.

In this talk, Angela delves into her career experiences globally, at the Olympics and what it was like to win a gold medal.
You can watch the full talk here.
You can find out more about Ascension Eagles and how to get involved over on their website.


Re-Tribe Talks with Huwwa Power
Tuesday 4th May 2021
Our special guest (for the third time!) is Hawwa Power.
Hawwa is a Creative, Facilitator, Life Coach and Wellness Educator.
With her 14 years of experience in education, she has been a recommended life coach for over 10 years. Wellbeing is Hawwa’s passion, educating children, young people and adults in the many ways we can practice wellness, herbal medicine, yoga and meditation.
Hawwa uses creativity as the guiding force to work with groups and individuals, supporting and encouraging others to achieve their dreams, goals, aspirations and highest purpose.
Hawwa’s ethos:  Inform – Empower – Inspire.
In this talk, Hawwa gives us some of her thoughts around lockdown, practices and guidance to support people coming out of lock down and how to practice daily self-care.
You can listen to the full talk here. (Please bear with us – the technology gods were busy when we recorded this…)

You can find Hawwa over on her Instagram page here.


Re-Tribe Talks with Katherine Trigg
Tuesday 27th April 2021


Our special guest this week is Katherine Trigg. She currently works as an art producer/stylist for Geronimo Boy films whilst still designing for her own brand Vintage Kit which sells through Harvey Nichols and Harrods.

Katherine is very active in helping women, children and men through domestic abuse. She is a member of the Women’s Equality party. Her art works hand in hand with her strong beliefs in justice against domestic violence.

In this deep and diverse talk, Katherine talks about everything from growing up in Hong Kong, to being a mother and what this means to her, and following her passion for passion and the arts which lead to her successful career journey – and a peek into some things to come in the next few months, including a new installation of Women’s House LDN.

A snippet of Katherine’s advice on how to express your authentic self in creative ways:

“…if you wake up in the morning, and you make yourself feel like your life is your own movie, your life is your film. How do you want to feel in your film?… This is your film”.

You can watch the full talk with Katherine here.

If you have been affected by any of the topics raised in this talk, you can contact Katherine via her website here for more information and support.


ReTribe Talks with Dan Charlish, Founder and MD at Snow-Camp

Tuesday 20th April 2021


Nick and Michelle from Re-Tribe will be chatting with this week’s special guest, Dan Charlish, the founder and managing director of Snow-Camp.

Snow-Camp is a national youth charity which uses a combination of snowsports, life-skills and vocational training to support young people who need it most.

Working closely with young people living in inner-city communities in London, Scotland, the Midlands and NW England, Snow-Camp leverage the power of sport, teamwork, personal growth and bespoke individual support and mentoring to engage young people in not just snow sports, but in learning new soft and hard life skills to transform their lives.

Founded in 2003, Snow-Caps journey has been driven by a passion to see young people succeed and step fully into their potential. Their program takes participants from no experience right through to graduating and apprenticeships, with a variety of

Through the last year of lockdown, they have widened their support for young people and now offer support online and over the phone to young people all over the UK. You can contact them directly for support for yourself, or to help someone else receive support.

Further Information on Snow-Camp and how to contact them here.

A very small snippet from our talk with Dan, asking him how and why he started Snow-Camp:

“…They could learn this sport they never thought they could do, and not just learn it but excel in it, and realise though it that they have perhaps the potential to achieve way more than they ever could…”

You can watch the full talk with Dan here.

Happy Snow-ing!