There is no one size fits all approach to mastery.  We are all unique and will all have a unique journey to our own mastery.  In a business, we are all walking the path of mastering our own journey, together.  In our personal lives, we are all mastering different things but we are the same person, with the same values, same preferred ways of learning, receiving and giving information, communicating and going about our lives how we feel is best for us.  Sometimes we align with the same methods and ways of working as others, and sometimes we don’t. 

Along the way, we try different approaches, methods and tools – some we like, keep, use and teach, others we discard as not being right for us.  

As the unique beings we are, and the unique environment of our businesses which is created through it’s people, it calls for a conscious learn, reflect and learn again approach to find what fits – and know that it can always change.  The most essential thing is that it flows and it makes conscious sense.

Whether intentional or not, we naturally adopt a 3D approach to build operational structures within businesses.  It’s a 3D ball that has many different functions and behaviours to support different people, teams, business goals and customer needs.  

If you take this principle, it works the same for people, too.  Reading a book to retain and use 1 piece of information, taking a course to use only a few of the tools learnt.  What is gained through these processes is developing our own selves, and it works the same way in a business.

So it makes sense to move the learning, experience and development of people and business, simultaneously. 

In a world where there are countless methods of structuring operations within businesses just as there is in personal development and coaching, there are some elements we have found that more often than not go a long way in building a solid foundation, understanding, connection and elevation.


3 Tools For People & Operations to Promote A Positive Learning Experience

Here’s my (by no means exhaustive) list of 3 considerations to be aware of when approaching frameworks to support people and businesses on the path of mastery that you can start using now:

1. Schedule (and stick to) Deep Focus Time

We often try little and often to learn something new, to read that book, to complete tasks.  While consistency is very important, getting into a state of flow enables deeper attention and focus, as well as retention and understanding of information – I like to think of deep work time as some of the great ‘ah-ha’ moments.  

3 suggestions to implement Deep Focus Time in your life:

  • Schedule a 3 hour block of deep focus time each week
  • Remove, turn off and mitigate against all distractions – phone, email, people, postman, pets – anything that grabs your attention!  
  • Know your why – why this is important to you, how this mastery will benefit you, others and the world around you.


2. Ask About Autonomy

Autonomy is allowing ourselves and others the freedom to be, learn and experience, regardless of our own opinions and methods. It’s a way to say yes, I trust you, I know you can do this, without the conversation. Just like business operations is the behaviour of the company culture, autonomy is the behaviour of trust – in yourself and others.  

3 suggestions to take autonomous action that aligns with you:

  • Ask if you or another would like “autonomy with this”.  Sometimes people do best with support, sometimes with a partner, and sometimes flying solo.  And it can change!
  • Don’t put pressure on to get it ‘right’.  Some of the best inventions were mistakes! (Post-It notes were an accidental invention, as was the pacemaker which is still saving many lives to this day).
  • Ask the desired result – what is it you are aiming to achieve, and why?  And know the answers can be varied, but the outcome needs to be aligned, or there is a break in the team-work.


3. Celebration

Breathing in your wins is not only therapeutic, it feeds ‘the cause’.  Knowing you are on to something, you’re working in a way that feels good, you’re working with others and feel connected, you’re fuling your individual needs in a structure that works for you and benefits others at the same time.  And when something feels good, it’s important to celebrate!

3 suggestions on how to include a little celebration:

  • Consciously schedule weekly celebration time with your team.  It can be 5 minutes, with each person sharing their 1 win and a fire-cracker speed round of celebrating.  How many celebrations can everyone say in 60 seconds…? Make it fun, light and familiar.
  • Be aware of a win for someone else, and celebrate with them!  Call them out on their win’s, especially if it’s a big step for them.  Encourage, nurture and support people around you as you would yourself or your loved ones. 
  • ANYTHING GOES.  Our 100% capacity fluctuates day by day, and our ‘measurement’ on results can do, too.  Anything goes with celebration, be true about what is a win for you that day, and celebrate that.  


Using equality as a measurement for your own success and self-mastery is in itself, unequal.  In our blog, we offer advice, guidance and tools to help you on your own unique journey.

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Main Image Credit: Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash